HMR SuppliesHMR Supplies began in 1968 as a structural and house moving company and has been manufacturing the industry-leading Holland Dollie® since 1981. We offer more than four decades of experience serving structural movers, heavy haulers, large scale construction, product manufacturers, cement, marine and wind industries.

Our ability to design and fabricate high-capacity, durable and efficient heavy material transport equipment is only part of what HMR Supplies does for its customers. What really sets us apart is the way we combine our existing products with employee ingenuity, expertise and full design-and-build capabilities to become our customers’ valued partners, helping them understand and overcome challenges. We start by listening and learning from the customer about needs and goals. We help envision the best solution to that problem, and find the ideal combination of products and processes that make the vision a reality. The solution could include any combination of an existing HMR Supplies product, an existing product that’s uniquely customized or an entirely new piece of equipment. Our product timeline below illustrates our product development over the years.

No matter what it takes, HMR Supplies is committed to helping customers design and execute plans to handle and transport huge, heavy, difficult items safely and as cost-effectively as possible.


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