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Holland history -

HMR Supplies has made a name for itself by engineering and manufacturing equipment for the heavy haul industry. The first Holland Dollie® was built in 1981. Since that time, HMR Supplies has continued to engineer and develop products that offer standard and custom solutions for heavy transport and on site moving. Currently, HMR manufactures everything from crane tag axles to dual lane transporters.


Holland boom dolly -

The first crane boom dolly produced by HMR was for its sister company, CR Holland Crane Co. in the mid 2000’s. Since that time, HMR has found the Holland boom dolly to be a natural fit for a standard product.

boom dollie revised

Projects -

You may have heard of our company from some of our higher profile projects. Our engineering expertise and quality manufacturing can be seen with the Straddle Mover, which was engineered and manufactured in 2011 to plant 10 Ton trees at the 911 Memorial site in New York City. Another project, a yacht move, demonstrates our ability to move large, heavy and awkward objects within a small area. The 215 foot, 480 Ton yacht  was maneuvered from a fabrication facility to the water. In a recent project, the HMR Team was challenged with designing a bridge  for a structural move. Videos of each project are below.


You can trust our high quality of workmanship and customer service to keep your dollies moving.

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Located in Forest City, Iowa, HMR Supplies is one of three Holland Companies: